About Us

About Us

Moist formed in Bristol back in 2015 with the explicit goal of tearing up the hummus game in the South West and beyond.

Initially we worked through Friday nights at Hamilton House Community Kitchen on Stokes Croft (Bristol), using an old shopping trolley (then a bike trailer made from scrap metal) to transport stock to market the next morning. We were driven solely by the belief that by using high quality ingredients and innovative flavour combinations we could wage war against the bland and achingly dull insult that is mass-produced hummus.

We’re four years in now and things are progressing nicely – we’ve moved into our own production kitchen (Moist Towers), added some members to the team and built a solid following at the markets that we trade at in Bristol and beyond.

We continue to make a unique product that you can’t find anywhere else and as we’ve grown the focus on quality has stayed the same: beautiful pulses cooked daily in the kitchen, fresh garlic and lemons peeled and juiced by hand and veg sourced as locally to our base as possible.

As things move forward we keep changing, growing and pushing the boundaries in not only our cooking but also our approach to business. We’ve recently started to make the leap from farmers’ markets to the shops and with some more big plans in the pipeline we’re living in exciting times. We’ve got no idea exactly what the future holds but no doubt it’s full of joy, chaos and heaps of high-grade humm! Righteous friends; Let’s have it!


James Macfarlane – Founder & Hummus Wizard